Lye - Caustic Soda / Sodium Hydroxide

Lye - Caustic Soda / Sodium Hydroxide

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Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is also known as Lye, Caustic Soda. This product, when dissolved in water, generates a lot of heat. Use extreme caution when adding product to water. It has hundreds of uses including Cooking, Soap-Making, Drain Cleaner, Acid Neutralizer, Chemical Reagent, De-Greaser, CO2 Absorption etc.
Lye - Caustic Soda / Sodium Hydroxide  Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is also known as Lye, Caustic Soda. This product, when dissolved in water, generates a lot of heat. Use extreme caution when adding product to water. Always add product to water never add water to product. Always use cold water (adding product to hot water may cause it to boil and spatter). Keep product tightly sealed in its original container. Product is a strong desiccant and will absorb enough moisture from the air to dissolve itself and become liquid. Product reacts strongly with metals containing Aluminum and produces Hydrogen gas.  CAUTION: CAUSES SEVERE BURNS. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mucous membranes and clothing. First Aid: External: Flood with water. Internal: Drink Large quantities of water. Call emergency room or physician immediately. Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes. Get prompt medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. USES: Soap making, especially liquid soaps.  The cold process method is often used to make soap from Lye.  The Lye is mixed with water, and then base oils, butters and fragrances are added.  The gradual chemical reaction between the Lye and the fats eventually produces a solid soap. This product can only be shipped to the UK Specification Documents

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