How to Patch Canvas Using Tear-Aid® Type A

How to Patch Canvas Using Tear-Aid® Type A

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Tear-Aid Original Repair Patch Kit - Type A

How to Patch Vinyl Fabric Using Tear-Aid Type B

TEAR-AID®, Repair Patch - TEAR-AID®

Need a quick repair to your Kokatat dry gear, this kit contains eveything you need.

Field Repair Kit

Type A vs. Type B Tear Aid Showdown (with curing time)

Tear-Aid, the indispensable repair patch for outdoor and indoor use.Tear-Aid repairs: tent covers, canvas, rubber (inflatable) boats, umbrellas,

Tear-Aid: Repair Kit – Type A

How to Patch Canvas Using Tear-Aid® Type A

TEAR-AID® Repair Patch Official Site - For Fabric And Vinyl Repairs

TEAR AID WORKSHOP PACK, Workshop pack of Tear-Aid instant repair system suited for general fabric repair., Don’t dread the risk of leaking

Tear Aid Type A 5ft Roll Fabric Canvas repair tears patch kit

Tear-Aid works better than duct tape as a temporary patch on latex gaskets used on dry suits and dry tops. Tear Aid Type A is a clear flexible repair

Tear-Aid Type A Patch Kit