Cobra Water-Mixable Oil Painting Mediums

Cobra Water-Mixable Oil Painting Mediums

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Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colors

Cobra Watermixable Oil Mediums can be used to change the consistency, handling properties or appearance of Cobra Water-Mixable Oil Colours without

Talens Cobra : Watermixable Oil Mediums

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Solvent Free Painting - Buttery, Full Bodied Water-Mixable Oil Color! Unlike most other oil paints, LUKAS Berlin oil colors can be mixed or thinned directly with water to produce the same effects as other oil paints would with more toxic solvents like turpentine or mineral spirits. This ability also makes brush clean up easy with only soap and water needed.

Lukas Berlin Water Mixable Oil Turquoise 37 ml Tube

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Cobra Water-Mixable Oil Painting Mediums - Jackson's Art Blog

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