95 05 10 SB - Knipex - Scissors, Electrician, 160 mm

95 05 10 SB - Knipex - Scissors, Electrician, 160 mm

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Knipex Shears

Knipex 950510SB Electricians' Shears 160mm

New Knipex Angled Electrician Shears! #knipex #knipextools #knipexscissors #knipexshears

Precision-ground blades with fine serrations for a clean, non-slip cut. Adapted to the hand: angled blades and optimised handle design for improved ergonomics. Two crimping areas for wire ferrules of 0.5 - 6 mm² and 10 - 25 mm². Includes opening spring and lock for easy storage. Tether attachment point can be used with KNIPEX Tethered Tools System. Cutting edges made from stainless steel, hardness of cutting edges 56 HRC.

Knipex 95 05 20 Angled Electricians' Shears

Knipex Electricians Shears: The smoothest, cleanest cutters yet! They put the Milwaukee's to shame!

The Knipex 6 1/4 Angled Electricians' Shears features a 45° angled design of the shears offers a more natural extension of your hand - providing a more comfortable working position - and better sight lines when working in confined spaces.

Knipex 95 05 20 US 6 1/4 Angled Electricians' Shears

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Knipex 95 05 155 SB Electrician's Shears 6,1

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Electricians' Shears